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Survive & Thrive! Introductory Stress Resilience Training!™

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
7150 Harris Drive
Dimondale, MI 48821 (231) 622-1600
Cost: 299.00
Contact & More Info
Contact: Deb
Email: info@911training.net
Phone: (231) 622-1600

There’s no other stress resilience course like this in the 9-1-1 industry. In this unique 8-hour course, a mental health professional specializing in 9-1-1 stress moves way beyond “cookie cutter” advice. Jim Marshall will empower you to manage the stressors you face in and beyond the PSAP. This isn’t a class to make you perform better (though you probably will!). It’s an experience you’ll help shape to make your LIFE the best it can be one day at a time!

Boost your personal resilience so that you can protect your quality of life at work and home by joining Jim to gain…

  • Cutting edge knowledge about stress, 9-1-1 PTSD and other stress-related conditions that can (but doesn’t have to) hijack your wellbeing
  • Personal resilience skills and tools you can build into daily life to prevent and manage these negative impacts
  • Strategies to pull out of toxic stress cycles fueling ugly peer conflicts and boost the morale of your shift and 9-1-1 center
  • "In-the-moment" strategies to manage personal distress during 911 calls ranging from the most annoying and frustrating to those involving traumatic, life-threatening violence
  • A fresh and more encouraging vision of your profession and a Personal Game Plan to go the distance at work and Survive & Thrive!

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