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    August 5th Meeting

    : Special presentation for MCDA membership by Jill Smith at MiCAL and Krista Hauserman from MDHHS.  This topic has become an important present discussion amongst the 911 community.  There are many operational questions coming into the MCDA from our member PSAP’s.  This upcoming meeting and presentation will

    2022 Meeting and Directors School Training Schedule

    The 2022 Meeting schedule has been posted in the Member’s only area. MCDA will also be hosting a Director’s School Training in two this year. Those dates are also on the meeting schedule. Please feel free to contact any of your MCDA Board members if you have any questions. The following link will take you t…

    Our Purpose

    • To aid and assist in the collection and dissemination of information relating to Public Safety Communications Management
    • To promote and support the development and management of Public Safety Communications
    • To provide MCDA representation with membership in the numerous national, state and local organizations directly relating to Public Safety Communications
    • To provide a network of support for its members

    Our Structure

    Membership is open to persons who are directors; managers; assistant directors or managing supervisors of a Michigan Public Safety Communications Operation persons who serve as 9-1-1 Coordinators in Michigan.

    Current membership includes nearly 80 Public Safety Communications Departments.


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