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  • Recent MCDA News

    Special Meeting, February 18, 2pm

    The purpose of this meeting will be to seek authorization to proceed with providing comments on the FCC NPRM regarding 911 fee diversion. Although the meeting should be brief,  it is important that we discuss this at a membership level as any comments would be submitted on behalf of the organization.  Please find t…

    February 2021 Virtual Meeting

    February’s meeting will once again be virtually hosted via Zoom.   Please see the agenda for the log-in details.  If you did not receive the agenda, it, along with the current Treasurer’s Report and minutes for the December 2020 meeting have been posted in the Minutes & Agendas tab on the Membe…

    Our Purpose

    • To aid and assist in the collection and dissemination of information relating to Public Safety Communications Management
    • To promote and support the development and management of Public Safety Communications
    • To provide MCDA representation with membership in the numerous national, state and local organizations directly relating to Public Safety Communications
    • To provide a network of support for its members

    Our Structure

    Membership is open to persons who are directors; managers; assistant directors or managing supervisors of a Michigan Public Safety Communications Operation persons who serve as 9-1-1 Coordinators in Michigan.

    Current membership includes over 80 Public Safety Communications Departments.


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