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Emergency Fire Dispatch - Priority Dispatch

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - June 13, 2019
Oakland Police Academy
Auburn Hills, MI (248) 232-4610
Cost: 395.00
Contact & More Info
Email: 911training@oaklandcc.edu
Phone: (248) 232-4610

The Emergency Fire Dispatcher (EFD) through the use of the FPDS™ brings the science of structured call processing to the fire-rescue field. Completion of this course provides students with confidence to begin using the protocol on-line in the busiest of communication centers. Classes use hands-on teaching, class participation, simulated and actual calls, and feedback to prepare the students for work in a communication center.

PDIS 200806A

For Registration call: 248-232-4220

Any questions call 248-232-4610 or e-mail:911training@oaklandcc.edu