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Monday, April 8, 2019 - April 9, 2019
7040 Stadium Dr
Kalamazoo, MI 49009 (989) 224-5109
Cost: $225 per day (includes Lunch)
Contact & More Info
Contact: Kim Ostin
Email: markim42@hotmail.com
Phone: (989) 224-5109

Supervisory Sessions


10 Truths for the Person in Charge offers an in depth discussion for supervisors about the pros and cons of being the person in charge of a shift or workgroup. Discussion topic include:  Rationalization,
Complacency, Human Nature, Being liked vs. being respected, and the Golden Rule.

Say Less, Ask More- the Coaching Habit – Changing the Way You Lead presents fast and practical coaching skills answering 7 essential questions and explaining why listening more and talking less can make you more effective.


Coaching & Problem Employees - We’ve all experienced difficult people. Maintaining positive internal and external relationships is a part of our job as service providers. This session provides tips and tools to communicate positively to defuse and successfully handle difficult people and situations, while sustaining relationships and maintaining own positive service attitude.

Building Bench Strength & Engaging Your Team - This session will help you achieve maximum productivity by delegating the right person, time, place and task. Through team building you will learn to build trust, motivate your people and increase engagement and morale with a useful action plan.

Telecommunicator Sessions


Taming the Change Monster - In many circles, change has been reduced to the status of a fourletter word. Changes can create chaos or opportunities, or both. Too often supervisors dread change and employees fear it. Yet change is not only inevitable, it’s necessary for an
organization’s progress and growth. How change is handled can help you flourish. Embracing change is crucial. This program is filled with practical tools and strategies to go beyond surviving the change process and actually thriving through it.

Managing Time & Priorities - Do you ever feel like you’re getting buried and don’t have enough time left for what’s really important? Do you find yourself lacking focus or surrounded by clutter at the office or home? Are you spending time on everyone else’s needs, meetings and priorities and not your own? This session will help you evaluate where you are spending your time, where you want and need to spend your time, and explore ways to better organize and prioritize your time so you can take back control of your work and life.


Take Charge of Your Career! Provides the attendee with suggestions on where to begin to identify what you need, who can help you and different ways to attain your goals. The pros and cons of four paths are discussed.

Social/Behavioral Styles in the Workplace - They can become Barriers to Communications and are discussed in this session. You will learn what your style and back up style are, and how you can use them to get your message heard.


APCO201807A  for both days               APCO201807A1 for one day

visiting www.miapco.org for description of course, training location, and lodging.