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Not Just a Dispatcher!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Clinton County Central Dispatch
100 E State St
St. Johns, MI 48879 (586) 489-9356
Cost: 229.00
Contact & More Info
Contact: Kim Ostin
Email: kim@911training.net
Phone: (586) 489-9356

The 9-1-1 Telecommunicator has long been viewed as “Just a Dispatcher”. But the reality of 911 work under the headset is far different! 911 Professionals are the Very First Responder serving in a uniquely valuable, highly demanding role that only a small percent of people can perform.

For Newer 911Pros: This course will help you grasp the heart of the 911 profession and what it takes to become successful as a true 911 professional.

For Veteran 911Pros: Through enjoyable dialog, entertaining videos and inspirational instruction, you’ll gain fresh vision for your work to help you fight burn-out to grow stronger and stay longer.

Together younger and veteran telecommunicators will leave this 1-Day training recharged, encouraged and ready to enjoy the rewards of this great 911 work.