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Protecting Law Enforcement Responders

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
12:00 am (Expired)
St Louis City Hall
300 N Mill St
St Louis, MI 48880 (989) 875-7505
Cost: 229.00
Contact & More Info
Contact: Kelly Williams
Email: kwilliams@gratiotmi.com
Phone: (989) 875-7505

Guard those who protect and serve.
With high-risk law enforcement-related 911 calls dispatched daily, it is essential that focus on officer safety is continuously reinforced. As a 911 call-taker or dispatcher, you are a vital link in the emergency response chain and the lifeline to responding officers. Consequently, you must educate yourself about the dangers they might face and how to best minimize those risks.

• Felonious line of duty deaths
• High-risk crimes and incidents in progress
• Groups that target law enforcement
• Extremist and street gangs
• Dispatcher tactics to protect officers
• Officer safety in motor vehicle stops
• Officer safety in domestic violence calls
• Barricaded suspects and active shooters
• Radio dispatch procedures and techniques
• Descriptive information gathering
• Critical incident stress debriefing


For more information about DispatchU call or visit our website.

• Recognize threats to officers
• Provide pre-arrival instructions™ for officers
• Identify potential “suicide by cop” scenarios


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