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Right of Bang - Mental Health Resiliency

Monday, August 26, 2019
Marshall Regional Law Enforcement Center
714 Old US 27
Marshall, MI 49068 (269) 250-9839
Cost: FREE
Contact & More Info
Contact: Erin Tonda
Email: info@resiliencyprojectkzbc.org
Phone: (269) 250-9839

In the beginning, you accept the challenge of helping people and making the world a better place with a warrior mindset. But, after time, in the field of public service, you become jaded, resentful, and frustrated as you see the heartbreak of humanity play out in front of you day after day. Your emotional backpack begins to overflow, and negative emotions and negative thoughts become the standard operating procedure for your work day, and personal life. The instructors in this class will share their own emotional and mental fallout created by the job. The instructors will demonstrate key emotional paradoxes to consider before participating in negative behavior that affects everyone in the room. This class will provide key insight into unlocking your road to resiliency. There is a countless number of emotional awareness training courses available for civil servants and first responders to attend. However, many first responders leave these classes feeling incomplete with no prescribed tools to begin their transformation. The instructors in this class will provide firsthand experience with tools and research that will help you rebuild your resiliency, and show you how to apply these tools to your everyday social interactions. The instructors will break down key components you can practice to help rewire your negative thought circuits in your brain, to create positive thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

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