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Tactical Dispatching

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Kalamazoo County Consolidated Dispatch Authority
7040 Stadium Dr
Kalamazoo, MI 49009 (269) 488-6616
Cost: 150.00
Contact & More Info
Contact: Kristen
Email: register@macnlow.com
Phone: (517) 410-0825

Each course is four hours in length and will be repeated over the 4-day period to enable agencies to send multiple team members.  Pricing is $150 for one course and $125 for each subsequent course or take all four for $500 (must be the same person attending).

Monday, June 24 or Wednesday, June 26 (8 am to noon)

This course will serve as an introduction to Tactical Dispatching. Attendees will learn the roles and responsibilities of the Tactical Dispatcher and will gain an understanding of the ICS & NIMS structure and systems. The primary objective of the course is to illustrate the importance of the Tactical Dispatcher’s function within the command structure and provide tools to assist responders in a tactical environment. SNC approved (MNA201905C)


Monday, June 24 or Wednesday, June 26 (1 to 5 pm)

During this course, the telecommunicator will be introduced to crisis  negotiations and the roles and responsibilities of the Tactical Dispatcher. Attendees will learn different phases of the negotiation process and specific strategies and techniques that can be used to resolve the crisis. The course will build upon the skills already possessed by the telecommunicator and will provide tools and techniques needed to assist a Hostage Negotiations team. SNC approved (MNA201905B)

Tuesday, June 25 or Thursday, June 27 (8 am to noon)

This course is designed for telecommunicators who have Fire/EMS dispatch responsibilities as part of their daily duties. Attendees will learn concepts and terminology as well as address challenges associated with Fire/EMS dispatching. The course will discuss workflow, different apparatus used, fire ground operations and the different responsibilities of the responders. During the course, attendees will improve their awareness and understanding of the complexities of Fire/EMS dispatching through interactive discussions and classroom exercises. SNC approved (MNA201905A)

Tuesday, June 25 or Thursday, June 27 (1 to 5 pm)

Incident debriefing is an essential part of learning, improving and identifying steps in a given incident. The focus of this course is to provide an overall plan for post-incident management and will highlight the need for incident debriefing. Attendees will learn the four after-action review questions that should accompany an incident debriefing: purpose, result, causes and implication.
SNC approved (MNA201905D)

Register via email to register@macnlow.com or call 517-925-1434 or 517-410-0825