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Transformation Leadership

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Plymouth Twp. Police Department
9955 N. Haggerty Rd
Plymouth Township, MI 48710 (734) 354-3250
Cost: 199.00
Contact & More Info
Phone: (734) 354-3250

The people in your PSAP are your most valuable resource and specific leadership approach can help keep them. Research shows that the best comm centers motivate their team members in a different way. This class outlines the power of a transformational approach, the keys to successful implementation, and offers specific ways to boost morale and improve retention, whether you’re a supervisor, lead dispatcher, or someone with leadership potential.

In this interactive training class, participants learn proven ways to:
. Embody the habits of a successful leader
. Identify their personal leadership style
. Take actionable steps towards becoming the leader they want to be
. Create a culture of success at the dispatch center

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