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Member Contacts – Create and manage users
  • Click the Contact tab or add New Member Contact – Multiple users can be created for one Dispatch Center.
  • Contact Type – Personal contact.
  • Permissions – Entity Manager, Log-in Contact, Restricted Contact.
    • You will use Entity Manager > Rights to modify all information with contacts entity (member profiles, location, events, packages, etc.)
  • Display/Moderate/Archive
    • You will use Display, Updates Not Moderated – the member account information is updated automatically and displayed on the website.
  • Email Address – Required and cannot be change once created with the contact record.
  • Login Username – Unique to user. Username cannot be change once created.
  • Login Password – Must be at least 8 characters and include at least one number, one letter, and at least one special character. (# . – _ , $ % & !) A password can be recovered by email at the login page.
  • Organization – Dispatch Center Name
  • Title/Position – Update your Job title
  • County – Name of County – Also makes it possible to find you using search by County.
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